Thursday, November 27, 2008

CHANGE NOW; Ministry of Communication website.

The title of this post should make it fairly obvious what it is about. I was researching on Nokia's presence in Ghana to see if I could offer a new perspective and one of the articles I found happened to be from the official website of The Ministry of Communication, Ghana. To my utter dismay the website has not changed!

I will not mince words, the website has an ugly design, poor usability and says 'we are cheap and unwilling to pay for a better website". In fact I think even if the MOC decided to use a template website in lieu of a custom development, there must be better templates out there.

I know for a fact that the communication industry in Ghana is one of the most vibrant ones, with major players in both Africa and the world present here. In this 'search-centric' era, anyone interested in the telecommunications industry in Ghana is likely to start finding information through a search engine query. It is also very likely the official website may be returned as part of the results, although I am hoping the SEO is so poor it may be further down the result list.

The MOC website must be completely overhauled and by this I do not mean just an interface redesign but a version that also does not fall victim of the "Business Card Syndrome". The BCS is my own coined phrase for websites that merely present facts and figures about a business entity, instead of leveraging the interactive power of the internet and using the website as part of the entire business process, from Supply Chain Management to Customer Relationship Management.

I am using this post and other means ( a facebook group) to advocate for a redesign of the Ministry of Communications website.

Please Add a Comment to Support this Cause, unless you think I am wrong.